About Kailash

Kailash Mistry

Kailash Mistry is a qualified and experienced Sun Power Yoga teacher trained by Anne-Marie Newland the founder and a director of Sun Power Yoga International.

Kailash was born in India, and has been practicing Yoga since her childhood there, where Yoga is taught in schools. She has maintained her appreciation of the benefits, purity and essence of Yoga by studying with several inspiring Yoga masters from India.

Although Kailash originally qualified as a Hatha Yoga teacher, she has furthered her training by constant study and by qualifying as a Sun Power Yoga teacher. Anne-Marie Newland, founder of Sun Power Yoga, in her book Sun Power Yoga Shala, commends Kailash for her inspiration and wisdom in the philosophy of yoga. In the recently published book Body Magic by Chinmayi Dore, Kailash is praised for her guidance and insightfulness in her teaching.

Kailash combines her in-depth knowledge with a passion for her subject, giving her students an opportunity to gain an insight into yoga and its benefits for body, mind and spirit. Her experience of Ayurveda, Acupressure and Reiki, together with a knowledge of traditional home remedies, add a further element of interest.

Kailash is a founder member of Rugby Area Yoga Society which brings together teachers of yoga and holistic therapies, and promotes events, functions and talks to raise awareness of the subject about which she is so passionate.

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